End of Month Review

Okay so my December was a lot less successful than I planned. I got about 1 thing on my goal list completed. But that is okay, I spent a lot of time making memories. On to the next month and I will focus on my goals better!

•Study at least 5 hours per week for my personal trainer exam. Didn’t do this. At all. Not gonna lie, I maybe studied 5 hours total in December :( Gotta start hitting the books hard!
•Schedule to get my CPR certification so I can sign up for my PT exam by the end of February 2015. Haven’t been able to get a hold of the college…they have been closed for Winter break…
•Get back on track with my meal planning and healthy eating. I started to, but then stopped during the holidays. Tried to keep my meals semi healthy but didn’t do the best.
•Trade in my iPhone 5 for a iPhone 6! I actually did this! Yay! Now just to wait for the Lifeproof Nuud case to come out!
•Create a prototype for my new business idea! No, I can’t tell you what it is…at least not until I have it copy righted ;). Yes, it’s that good! Yeah, I purchased what I need to make the prototype but have yet to actually complete it. Just add it to my next month’s goal list.

I am not ashamed of not getting any of these completed. Wish I had, but it’s not the end of the world. What I have learned is to set goals and if you reach them, great, if not- keep trying! So that is what I plan to do. I will update this weekend with January goals! Hope everyone has a great New Years Eve/Day!


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Weekend Re-cap

Well it is the week of Christmas and it sure as heck doesn’t feel like it. This year has absolutely flown by! This last weekend was a fun one! Friday evening I sold my desktop computer (cha-ching$). So to celebrate, WLB and I went to Ted’s and we may have had a few of these bad boys.


Saturday I dropped off my little boy to have his hair cut and get freshened up for the holidays. Shaina at Lucky Dog Grooming in Yukon/Mustang is the best. Bogart just loves her!


After dropping him off I met mom and dad for breakfast. I love their love. They have been married for a little over 29 years! They show PDA on a daily basis and it’s perfect!


Saturday evening was the firm Christmas dinner with my bosses and their families and WLB. My boss (and family) got me this gorgeous Kate Spade purse for Christmas. I was completely shocked and so very thankful to work for such wonderful people. It was a fun night!


So then Sunday came and I did some last minute Christmas shopping, and a little for myself. Pictured below are the glasses I bought myself at Sunglass Hut in the outlet mall…it was a steal of a deal so I couldn’t pass them up!


Give the short girls some love today…



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Thursday 13: Things I’ve Learned from Yoga

Last spring I started going to Yoga. I know, so basic bitch of me. But I really enjoy it. For one, I get to spend time with S (abbreviating names for privacy) and two, it is just another form of exercise I get. Win, win.

I have been attending classes at (in my opinion) THE best yoga studio in OKC, Spirit House Yoga. The owners and instructors are just wonderful and really push you. They don’t just stand there and tell you what to do or practice with you and completely ignore you, they actually walk around and help students and correct poor form if needed. It is a long drive for me but it is well worth it. Through the practice and the instructors I have learned so much! Here are a mere 13 things that I have learned so far.

1- Independence. This was a biggie for me. I am already very independent, but Yoga is something that you only do for you. Not for anyone else. It also only takes you to do it, no one can do it for you. You have to get yourself to class and only you can push yourself to the point of growth.

2- Deep Breathing. Seriously. Really deep breathing is necessary; I’m talking about the deep breathing where it sounds like a bunch of congested Yogis. Focusing on your breathing and centered breathing is so vital in Yoga. Not only does it help you stretch further but it is mentally relaxing when all you are focused on is your deep breathing.

3- Anatomy. I don’t know much about the human body other than what I feel, but Yoga has taught me a lot about locations of muscles and joints and bones. It is important to know what is where so you can help prevent injury or help recover from injury through Yoga poses.

4- Perseverance. In all the meanings of the word…in yoga you must persevere. It takes a lot to finally get yourself into a difficult pose and then the hard part is holding that pose. You have to persevere through the pain and just breathe.

5- Patience. We all need a little more patience. I most definitely do at least. Yoga has taught me patience in the way that it wont just come to me immediately. Sometimes you just have to sit with your hands on your knees and breathe and be patient. Both with yourself and others in the class or even the instructor.

6- Control. I am a very control oriented person but I am speaking of the type of control used in our bodies. Body control. Being able to control your muscles and control certain areas while letting other areas relax. This ties in with the anatomy of the body and learning where and when to use that muscle control.

7- Flexibility. Yadda yadda, you get more flexible. This is obvious as long as you are pushing yourself and stretching beyond your normal limits.

8- Help doesn’t mean you failed. This is a concept that I finally learned. Asking for help or allowing help does not mean you can’t do it or that you failed, it just means you want to push yourself enough to have a little help. Not a damn thing wrong with that. Even the most successful people asked for help at some point.

9- We are all different. Again, very obvious but I have learned to appreciate this even more after practicing yoga. There are so many different types of people in a yoga class and learning about each person is very interesting. Along with respecting their levels and ability.

10- Discomfort means you are growing and stretching. Yes, it’s true, no pain=no gain. If the pose (or whatever it is in life) is uncomfortable but not hurting you, you are doing it correctly. Keep doing it.

11- Self worth. You are all you need. This thought resonates in my mind in the middle of poses. I CAN do this. It may be difficult but I CAN and I WILL. I have learned to be a lot more proud of myself than I let on.

12- Practice makes perfect. Perhaps the most important thing to remember…you cannot just go to one or two yoga classes and expect to be able to do a scorpion or headstand. It takes practice. Both in class and out of class. Same goes with any other goal you are looking to achieve…you must practice.

13- Listening. Listen to your body, your breathing, the instructor, and more than anything: the peace and quite. Learn to listen to silence and you will be the most content person.

I know that was a long post (thank you for reading) and I don’t blame you if you skipped through, but seriously, I encourage all of you to try Yoga at least once. You will love it and become addicted and then we can be Instagram Yoga friends :).


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Bruh; The Truth About Cat-Calling


Since when did it become a form of flattery for a dude to cat-call a lady? Honest answer? Since the us ‘ladies’ let it become a form of flattery. Not that women are totally to blame for allowing it to happen, but we are definitely a big part of it. Believe it or not, cat-calling used to be considered a form of sexual harassment.

Recently, I fell victim to this obscene form of communication. I was leaving the mall and fumbling for my keys when I heard a very loud grunt in my direction. Yes, you read correctly, a grunt. I looked up and noticed a guy in his late 30’s strip staring me (strip staring= picturing a girl stripping naked while staring) and grunting as he walked by me. Utterly disgusted and shocked, I shook my head and briskly walked back to my car.

So here’s a note to the guys who think it’s attractive and to the girls who consider it flirting.sarcasm

Dudes: It’s not attractive. At all. Shouting, staring, giving the head nod in approval, or even (dare I say) a grunt…all those things are actually extremely unattractive. When was the last time you told a girl she looked good? How about a “you are beautiful today”. Is that too much to ask for? I can almost guarantee that you are more likely to get her digits after that compliment rather than grunting like a dog at her. And for-the-love-of-god STOP with the strip staring–it is super creepy.

Gals: Stop letting cat-calling be acceptable. He isn’t flirting, he doesn’t want to date you, or even know your name, he just wants a pretty face and a nice body to look at. Which is not okay even if he is good looking. It is one thing for a guy to look (it happens and it’s uncontrollable) and then it’s another for a guy call you names like sexy mama (I ain’t yo mama) or sweet thang (I’m a human being, not a “thang”, learn fucking English). Ladies, you deserve more than a nasty name in passing.

Here’s to the guys who expand their vocabulary with words like beautiful and pretty and to the girls who learn to simply walk away.


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Thursday 13: Things On My Christmas Wish List

Okay so 13 things is a little over zealous, but you get the idea. I am not the type of person who just buys what they want so coming up with a list was pretty easy. Throughout the year I jot down things that I want and plan to work towards and those things that either a) didn’t take priority or b) didn’t save my pennies for–I ask for, for Christmas gifts. Here are 13 things that are on my Christmas Wish List this year!

leopard clutchTaurus 9mm Slim FitFuji Film Mini Polaroid  MK Snap wallet  Fossil Watchjawbonemk studssorrel boots macbook prosam eldeman shoesnike hoodie cowgirl bootslululemon camo pants



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