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NY State Of Mind

Well, I’m extremely late posting this, but its better late than never, right? In September I got to go to NYC for the first time ever and it was absolutely everything I imagined AND MORE!

We of course did all of the “touristy” stuff, or most of it. So NYC has a prejudice against them. You always hear how rude New Yorker’s are. I went with an open mind and true Oklahoma girl heart. And guess what….no one was rude. In fact, everyone was quite the opposite. People were extremely willing to help (when we got lost – because those damn subways are confusing AF).


I loved NYC. I loved the touristy things like Empire State building and Statue Of Liberty, but one of my favorite things was actually the subways. I loved the feel of the everyday hustle and bustle. I loved bumping into the person next to you when the subway was a standing room only. I loved the heat and the smells and the breeze as a train sped past you. I loved the people. Everyone was so different but yet so alike, we all walked down the same steps, got on the same train, got off the same stop, walked the same distance no matter what shoes you were wearing. The whole experience was life changing and I cannot wait to go back.



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