New digs

Okay so some of y’all know I bought a house. If you didn’t, now ya do! I closed back in August but life has been a bit crazy since then! So it’s a small two bed one bath. For the most part it was in fantastic shape, mostly renovated. But there are small things here and there that I have been working on. Little by little, I’m making it home!

This past weekend I had a list of a few projects I wanted to get done. [Tip] I’ve found if I write them down and actually schedule time to do it, it’s more likely to get done. The first thing being these steps! Long story short, I didn’t have steps that lead directly to my back yard so I was having to step off a fairly large drop off from my porch to get to my yard. Also, Bogart had to go down and around and through a narrow walk way to go outside. These steps were super easy, I had my Dad helping but honestly could have definitely done it myself!

I bought everything I needed for this from Home Depot. The stair stringers were pre made so I just bought those and the stair treads. We drilled into the concrete on my porch to make sure the steps were secure. Then we attached the stringers to the concrete and added the treads on top! Only thing left is to treat or paint them and I can’t decide on a color! Comment with paint or stain color suggestions!

Another thing I tackled this weekend was hanging my front porch swing. I actually put it together earlier in the week and then just measured and hung it from the ceiling on my porch! This was also from Home Depot and was extremely easy to put together. Send me color suggestions for this too!

Thanks for reading!

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