Sorry, Not Sorry

I have been absolutely terrible at writing and updating this website. And, I have made myself feel bad about it, which is just silly. The whole point of doing it as a hobby is to be able to do it how I want and when I want. I felt like I needed to start this post apologizing for the fact that it has been forever since I’ve posted and blah blah blah. Then I realized, I’m not sorry, why should I be sorry? The simple answer? I shouldn’t.

So no, my site is not where I want it to be (neither is my life), I have changed themes and driven myself crazy with short codes trying to make this site perfect but it just isn’t and it won’t be. And I’m not sorry. My goal is not for people to see this site and see my life through words and pictures and it be portrayed as perfect, because it just isn’t. Its life- sometimes it gets messy. But this site is ME. Its real and its 100% me. So, if you like it, you like it. If you don’t, there is a little X at top right of your screen, feel free to click it and best wishes.

My goal is to become more consistent with my posts and my writing. Not because I feel I owe it but because I want it. But I will not apologize. I think the word “sorry” is overused in today’s society. Its like sometimes we just don’t know what else to say and so we say “sorry”. The take away from today’s post? Don’t be sorry for being you. How often do you apologize when it isn’t necessary? Are you really sorry?

Thanks for reading!

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  • Tony

    yep, no apologies, can’t change it anyway. But what you can do is change what you do today, so another year from now, you’ll feel differently! Love you kiddo!!

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