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There is just something about writing something down and then being able to check it off. It’s like a weight leaving my shoulders. Any other type A’s out there love to make lists just to be able to check stuff off of them? So, I like setting goals, we learned that yesterday. I like setting big goals and dreams as well as small goals. I think it is very important to dream big but also just as important to set small more easily achievable goals.


Consider this, you’re climbing stairs to reach the top of a 100 foot ledge. Each stair is 5 foot tall (almost as tall as me). That’s daunting, right? How positive do you think you would be in starting this journey? I’ll admit it, I would not be very positive. It would take everything in me to hoist myself up each stair and after a few I would be worn out and dare I say quit. Are you following me? If we set nothing but big goals, we have no momentum to get us going. But, if we set small attainable goals, we get that feeling of accomplishment which helps us to keep setting and achieving goals. Big or small.


Yesterday I set a goal to cook at least 1 new recipe in the month of December and I am proud to say i accomplished that within 24 hours of setting it! Last night I cooked a super simple and delicious dish that I got from a mom chef I follow on Instagram. Follow Her Here!


This dish was so tasty and so quick and easy. I am by no means any kind of chef but I sure felt like one when I got to serve this dish. I picked up some shrimp from the local sea food market, I already had some asparagus, garlic, and lemon pepper seasoning so all I was missing was broccoli, onion, and lemon. I just cut and prepared all of the veggies, thawed out the shrimp, mixed it all together on a sheet pan, drizzled olive oil and lemon pepper seasoning and in the oven it went. Oh and I also cooked some cous cous to go with it. Here’s how mine turned out!



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