Brag Moment

Have you ever sat back and thought about how much you’ve grown in the past year? What about the last six months? Hell, even the last week!? Let me preface this with: we are all human and none of us are perfect. BUT – sometimes it’s really good to toot your own horn. Like really really good.

The other day I did something that my self just a week ago wouldn’t have done. And it was so crazy cool to sit back and realize what I did and to see the growth. You ready for it?

I asked for help!

Yup, little independent me asked for help. And for the littlest thing.

And guess what else I did!?

I let someone actually help me.

This may sound silly and so small to many of you but to me it was huge.


So after this I got to thinking…what are other things or areas of life that I have improved or grown from? This is my personal list of things I would suggest to improve your daily life and help yourself be more you and feel more in control of your life. Number one is…you guessed it…


  1. Never be afraid to ask for help. In fact, you should ask for help. For small things or big things. But I would challenge you to ask for help at least 1 time in the next week.
  2. Make your bed. Every day. Even if you’re running late, take an extra 30 seconds and make your bed. You’ll be glad you did.
  3. Stay on top of laundry. Do one or two loads throughout the week instead of trying to cram everything into one day on the weekend.
  4. While looking in the mirror, tell yourself {outloud} “today will be a good day”. This will really change your mindset.
  5. Be kind, be looking for ways you can help someone. Whether it be giving a word of encouragement or helping them by opening their door.
  6. Get off of social media. Take a break. Believe it or not, life does not revolve around how many likes you got on that Instagram photo. I love social media but if you cannot control your use, then it’s controlling you.
  7. Drink water. This is a doozy. I need to get better at this. But – I have done so much research and this will improve just about all areas of your life.
  8. Learn one new thing a day about someone around you. Ask questions. Ever heard the phrase “you’ll never know unless you ask”?
  9. Say yes. And say no. Learn when to say both. You only have this one life so do more things that you WANT to do. And stop feeling bad for doing what you want.
  10. Let shit go. Seriously, that profanity was necessary there. Let it go. If you can’t fix it, change it, or control it, let it go. Life will be much easier.


Those are just a few things I have tried to get in the habit of practicing. I challenge you to make your own list of things you have found help you! Comment some ideas; always learning, always growing.


Thanks for reading!


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