January Goals

I cannot believe it is 2019. Welp, here we go, another month of goals to share. But first, lets recap December:


  1. Finish reading “Girl, Wash Your Face” by December 15th. I didn’t finish by Dec 15th but I did finish. Maybe yesterday.
  2. Clean out my closet So I didn’t 100% complete this, but I’m counting it. I still need to go through my clothes and get rid of over half of my wardrobe ( girl has way too many clothes) but I did go through my shoes. I bought these really cheap but freaking awesome shoe racks from Walmart and I forced myself to get rid of at least 5 pair that I don’t wear. I ended up getting rid of 8!
  3. Exercise more. I am actually proud of this one. Proud of myself but also so proud of my Daddio. I officially started my – very slow – training for relay race in Oregon in June 2019.
  4. Cook at least 1 new recipe. I completed this one a few times actually. My favorite by far was a shrimp and veggie dish recipe that I got from an Insta friend. It is so quick, easy, tasty, and healthy.
  5. Prepare for 2019. Done and done. In the past I have done a digital type vision board but a certain someone has reminded me of an old saying “out of sight, out of mind”. So, this year, I will be creating a real life vision board to hang on my wall so I see it every day. To start, I started writing down goals and things I want to accomplish in 2019. Vision board forthcoming.


Now for the exciting part…. 2019! Holy smoke show, I cannot wait for this year. So many exciting things in store but I definitely still have my monthly goals that I want to keep up with.


  1. Clean out my closet for real. I organized and got rid of shoes but now I need to get rid of some clothes. Okay, a lot of clothes.
  2. Start and finish my book for January. Also need to pick out my book for the next month.
  3. Make my bed every day. This is also on my vision board for 2019 but I’m trying to start small so I don’t overwhelm myself with a 365 commitment.
  4. Run 60 miles. I am training for a verrrrrry long relay called Wild Rogue Relay so I need to step up my running game this month. To clarify, that is 60 miles for the whole month, not at once.
  5. Be on social media less. Ever since Apple started the weekly summary notification, I have noticed myself paying more and more attention to how often I am on my phone. Technology is great but it can also become a big distraction from something great right in front of you.


Thanks for reading!


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