Live Like There is No Tomorrow…


A few years ago I watched a show on Netflix called “No Tomorrow” and felt so inspired to make my own list of things to do before I die. These are just a few of them but I hope it inspires to you Live Like There is No Tomorrow too! Also – these are in no particular order.


  • Write a book
  • Travel alone to another country
  • Buy a home
  • Ride an elephant in Thailand
  • Visit NYC
  • Go backpacking in Europe
  • Swim with pigs in The Bahamas
  • Learn to duck hunt
  • Get my nose pierced (again)
  • Hike Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon
  • Scuba dive a cenote
  • Shoot skeet
  • Climb the steps to the top of the Eiffel Tower
  • Scuba dive with Whale Sharks
  • Go to the airport and take the next flight out no matter where it goes
  • Learn how to snow board
  • Ride an ATV in sand dunes
  • Bottle feed a baby cow


What about you?