About Me

Hi! My name is Nicole. I am a 27 year old dog mom living in Oklahoma City just workin’ for the dream. I believe in sarcasm and radical honesty.

>I am shamelessly addicted to donuts…no kidding. Like I have a love, love relationship with them. No hatred whatsoever.

>I drink coffee…black, fancy, with cream, without cream, hot, or cold. Any way really. In fact, I have a dream of owning my own coffee shop.

>I thoroughly enjoy doing laundry…no, that was not sarcasm. I really do like doing laundry. The smell and process relaxes me. I hate the actual putting away and hanging up part.

>I sometimes swear…or cuss, whatever you like to call it. I tell it how it is. Sometimes it is necessary. If not, it’s just fun.


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