Hi, I’m Nicole!


Welcome to my blog! I believe in sarcasm and radical honesty. In a nutshell this blog is just a place where I can express my thoughts, dreams, goals, and maybe connect with someone with similar interests. I have always loved to write but after school I didn’t think I really have a purpose to write. So this blog is all about creating my own purpose and expressing my ideas and opinions. And those that know me, and I mean really know me, KNOW that I have no filter and will say just about anything I want.


A little about me, I was born, raised, and currently living in Oklahoma City. I bought my house August 2017 and I love it. During the day I work as a customer service agent in the insurance industry. I am fully licensed and would like to work toward full time sales eventually. My family is extremely important to me and we are very close.


I love mornings and breakfast is my favorite meal even though I don’t eat it often. I love coffee. Black, fancy, with cream, without cream, hot, or cold. Any way really. In fact, I have had a dream of owning my own coffee shop since I was a little girl. I am shamelessly addicted to donuts…no kidding. Like I have a love, love relationship with them. No hatred whatsoever.


I am a planner and a thinker. I sometimes overthink. Okay, I most of the time overthink and over analyze. I am constantly looking to learn and looking for the “why” in things. I actually enjoy doing laundry. No, that was not sarcasm. I really do like doing laundry. The smell and process relaxes me. I hate putting it away and it usually ends up in a neat pile at the foot of my bed. I sometimes swear…or cuss, whatever you like to call it. I tell it how it is. Sometimes it is necessary. If not, it’s just fun.


Anyway, this is me. I hope you enjoy what you find and feel free to drop a little hello in the comments!


– N